South Haven Dory

Drawing of a dory boat

South Haven Dory

The South Haven Dory is a one-person rowing boat. The layout of the South Have Dory is based on the lines of the St. Pierre Dory. It has a traditional dory hull shape. It is light enough that a strong person can carry the boat a short distance after hauling it either on top of the car or on a trailer.

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This boat is very fast under oars. Some boaters have reported being able to reach four miles per hour with very little effort.

The South Haven Dory is a great beginner boat if you are new to recreational rowing. If you have used canoes or kayaks before, you will find the South Haven Dory has that stability, but it is less stable than a traditional fishing boat. But, if you tire from rowing, just drop the anchor and nap in the sun on the front of the boat.

Dory Photo