Saint Pierre Dory

saint pierre dory boat

Saint Pierre Dory

Dory boats have been a fisherman staple of the seas for over 100 years. Although these boats don't look like much, the dories are powerful, versatile, easy to use, and well respected by fisherman all over the world. Made originally for those who fished in the North Atlantic, the dories were built to be sturdy and to handle the nasty storms and withstand bad weather that the area can dish out. The St. Pierre dories are especially good for long range fishing trips. Dory boats are inexpensive to make, simple in design, and yet they rank high on reliability, safety, and seaworthiness.

The St. Pierre dory boat was named after the Saint-Pierre and Miquelon islands off Newfoundland. The fisherman of this area used the dory boats to work the Cabot Strait, a turbulent body of water. Because of this, St. Pierre dory boats have high bows and high sterns.

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Originally the dory boats were powered by fishermen rowing oars or by sails. However, as technology progress, many fishermen began using motors on the St. Pierre dory boats for ease and more power and speed. The flat bottoms of the St. Pierre dory boats make it easy for fishermen to pull the boats up on shore. Once engines were introduced to the crafts, fishermen had to use a haul-up shaft and propeller arrangement to get the boats ashore. Some St. Pierre dories use an outboard motor that can be tilted up away from the flat bottom so it can be easily beached as well.

Like other dories, you can build your own St. Pierre dory boat. The dory boats, such as the St. Pierre, are designed to carry two to three fishermen. Most designs include a full size pattern that doesn't require joint or steam bending. The length of these boats can range in size from less than 8 feet to more than 27 feet. Some St. Pierre dory boats have a cabin built in, so fisherman can stay out all night if needed.

St. Pierre dory boats make an excellent vessel for fishermen whether they are seasoned veterans or amateurs. The boats are easy to handle, economical, yet highly seaworthy.

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